Thursday, February 08, 2007




Anna Nicole Smith passed away today. No matter what you may think about her, she went through hard times this past year and it is really sad that she died. They haven't said what the cause of death was yet. I hope that she is happy (wherever she is) and that she has been reunited with her eldest child who passed away this past September.
To wrap it up I would just like to say that I think Anna did the best job she could with her life and this is my way of lighting a candle for her.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

America's Next Top Model
Cycle 8

"It's Not Just Fierce It's Ferocious"

How excited am I!?!?! I can't believe it is time for another Top Model already! As usual I will be giving my impressions of our finalists. Keep in mind these impressions are completely based on their photos and the little blurbs on their portfolio pages.

I think she is defiantly the prettiest girl (in a very conventional way). I think she also took one of the best shots pre show. I worry that she is a stay at home mom. They are usually the ones who freak out and end up loosing.

I will end up either LOVING this girl or HATING her. There will be no in between. She manages that another word for groupie???

I hate to she a plus size model? She will have to step up her game if she is. Her face in this shot sort of sux...dead eyes. I wonder if Tyra will keep her around because of her new found weight crusade???

SamanthaSamantha is my favorite going into the competition. I love her photo and I hope she rocks it out on the show. I like her's very southern. I'm very's a match made in heaven. Hope she doesn't turn out to be the girl with no self esteem.

She looks like a weeper.

JasleneLooks like a bitch. Not a fun bitch...a cocky bEEEtch...

KathleenWasn't she on a few seasons ago? She could be awesome...she needs to learn her angles though!

NatashaCaridee won last time...she looks like a heavy set Caridee...probably won't happen...Do you think she got wind because she rocked or because she sucked?


Very understated. I like her...She needs new hair! She's my second favorite.

What the hell??? First to go home...

Big girl with attitude. She will either suck the life out of everyone around her or she'll be cool. She's my third favorite...maybe.




What she trying to cover up!?!? I think this cycle is going to be all about Tyra showing the world that big is beautiful! Don't be surprised if we get out first plus sized winner!
I guess we will see what happens on Feb. 28th! Be there and find out if any of my guesses are right!

More later!