Saturday, July 29, 2006


Janelle really stirred up some shit this weekend in the Big Brother house! It all started with her nominations for eviction. Evil Dr Will trapped her in the HOH room about 2 hours before the nomination ceremony and worked her for all she was worth. She was then called into the Diary Room earlier than expected to give her nominations. This made it impossible to discuss who she should nominate with her alliance (S6). She ended up nominating Erika (who is totally plotting against S6 behind their backs) and Boogie (who is just aggravating).

Now everyone is pissed off. Janelle stated that she was planning on backdooring someone. I believe her plan was to: (1) put up Boogie and Erika (2) win veto (or have someone win veto) (3) take Boogie off the block (4) insert Danielle in his place (5) evict Danielle.

Well, she apparently sabotaged Erika and Diane in the veto competition and Boogie won. Now he will stay in the house. Will she nominate Will or Danielle? She may even decide to nominate George or Diane! Who knows!

Marcellas walked up on a conversation between Will and Janelle and overheard her saying that she wanted to take him to the end and split the money. The problem is Janelle is so good at the game you can't tell what is real and what isn't! The problem is everyone is waiting for her to slip up so they can evict her!

More later as I find out things!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Congratulations Janelle!!!

Janelle is the first All-Star houseguest to become HOH for a second time! Yay Janie! She was pretty happy. Jase put on some major fakeness on the live show tonight. It was so transparent. His choking up and lame-ass tears really made my stomach turn.

It looks like at this point in the game Janelle will put up Mike Boogie and Diane. I guess now maybe Boogie wishes he hadn't called her a whore and threatened to throw piss in her face!
I will tell you more as I find out!

PS James whines sooo much that he's now officially ANNOYING!!!

Check this Bitch out!

I love Janis Joplin...I really do. For years now they've been talking about doing a movie about her life. I know some bitchy queen out there is thinking: "What about The Rose?"

It was a film that was loosely based on her life. Bette Midler played Rose the title character. She was good but she wasn't really playing Janis so: Whatever.

Recently it has been announced that two movies were being made about her. Rene Zellweger (gross) is playing her in one....Pink is playing her in the other. Pink??? Whatever.
I decided I'd rather just watch old clips of Janis rather than be bothered with the bad movies.

So I went to You Tube and found this little film.
This made me change my mind about Pink...
Maybe she'd be good...what do you think?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Well after much flip flopping I am not as sure this week as I have been in the past! I was shocked to learn of another new alliance in the house (Jase, Danielle, James, Diane)! I am going to take an educated guess this week and say Jase will be evicted.

Votes to evict Jase: Janelle, Marcellas, Howie, Erika, Kaysar, George, Boogie, Danielle

Votes to evict Will: Maybe Diane?

We will see who wins HOH this week. I would love it if Janelle or Danielle won it.

PS Boogie is annoying!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Why I Love Monica

Monica was on Big Brother 2 and was a nominee for the All Star show. I just wanted to give her a shout out! I found this clip that pretty much sums out why I adore her:

The Four behind The Four

I thought I would give a shout out to the four people that keep the four players from season 6 in the house. These are the guys that are constantly called floaters. The thing about these "floating four" is they are the best players in the house and everyone else should be taking notes!


Marcellas drives me crazy! He is playing the Driving Ms Daisy card this season. His old alliance in season three was with a spoiled little blonde girl named Amy. I loved Amy and the two of them laughed like a pack of jackals that season. Now he has Janelle (another spoiled blonde girl). Janelle has agreed to protect Marcellas no matter what. He is her pet floater.


Danielle game play reminds me of The Golden Girls. She's funny and sometimes brash but always family friendly. I love to see her at all times of the day or night with houseguest just chatting away. While they are chatting she is listening to everything they say. She's probably one of the smartest players ever. She is attached to James of the Season sixers. She tends to gravitate toward all american type boys that will listen to everything she says. It's almost like she is their Mammy! She's good at giving advise without making enemies. Dani is with James. She is his pet floater.


Erika is playing the best game of all right now. People see her as a floater but they really can't do anything about it because they all see her as a valuable vote. She is silent most of the time and when she does talk she never really says anything. Erika is Kaysar's pet floater!

Chicken George

Chicken George

Chicken George is a mess! He is a mess that is a good vote. George is Howie's pet floater!


So a lot has happened in the Big Brother house this week. James nominated George and Will. They had a Power of Veto competition where they had to do nasty things to win. ChickenGeorge shaved his head and agreed to eat slop for the rest of his time in the house. He won the Veto and is going to take himself off the block. This means the Season 6 alliance has to choose to nominate either Jase or Boogie against Will.

If they choose Jase I think Jase will go home.

If they choose Boogie I think Will will go home.

PS James is annoying

Friday, July 21, 2006

Congratulations James!

After much stressing the past week the houseguests finally know who will be the HOH during the 3rd week. James is HOH.

It was also revealed that Dani, James, Will and Boogie have had a secret alliance from the beginning. Jase and Diane have outed themselves as Mr and Mrs Smith to the live feed viewers. I guess Nakomis feels pretty dumb falling for Diane's line of bullshit!

James has nominated Chicken George and Will for eviction. Apparently he called George out during the nomination ceremony for snooping on other houseguests.

We'll see what happens!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I have to say that I think odd girl Nakomis is going to be out! I really wanted Diane to leave, but from what I can tell from the feeds, the guests seem to want her in. Diane better start being cool or she will start to be my least favorite houseguest. Whatever! Nakomis was cool. I'm sad to see her go...but then agian I could be wrong. I will tell y'all about it when I find out!
I predict votes will go:

Will, Boogie, Danielle, Marcellas, Jase, George: to evict Nakomis

Howie, Janelle, Erika, James: to evict Diane

PS Marcellas is annoying.

Monday, July 17, 2006

UK Big Brother

So as I've stated before, Big Brother is in many different countries. This is a clip that my Boyfriend sent me from the UK Big Brother....this is some funny shit:

Sunday, July 16, 2006

When You Became a Star: Part 3 (old school)

Sally Field

Sally Field was really cute as Gidget back in the day! She was pretty funny in The Flying Nun! I have to say that Sybil was full on awesome! It was in a little film called Norma Rae (1979) that Sally really became a star. America decided we liked her the second she shut down that factory with her little "union" sign. We like you Sally! We really like you!

Faye Dunaway

Faye Dunaway is awesome because she made the beret cool again. In Bonnie and Clyde (1967) Ms Dunaway slapped on her beret, grabbed a cigar and strutted right into fashion history. She was sexy, smart, and very stylish! She could never be accused of being a "cute girl". Bonnie Parker's makeover in Bonnie and Clyde is the moment Faye Dunaway became a star!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

When You Became a Star: vol 2

Tom Cruise is just about as creepy as they come nowadays but once upon a time (back in 1983) he did a little film called Risky Business. I believe Tom Cruise became a star when he did his underwear dance in the movie. One of the few guys that looks good in tighty whitey underwear! Tom Cruise, this is when you became a star!

I had never heard of this guy named Brad Pitt before Thelma and Louise. In that movie he played a cowboy con man. He was just about as hot as they come. His love scene with Geena Davis was the bomb! When he told her man he was screwing her he was super hot! This is the movie that made Brad Pitt a star!

Nominations and Veto

Diane and Nakomis are on the chopping block! Kaysar thinks Nakomis is a threat. He wants her out. Diane sobbed for hours after the nomination ceremony. It was sort of stupid. She did scream out "I'm not an All-Star! I smoked too much pot and destroyed my brain cells!" I was really liking Diane until she started freaking out. It seems she's just turned all bitter after moving to LA. The funny part to me is that she's not even the one they are going after! Whatever Diane! Nakomis has no idea she is the one in danger of going home. They both said they would tell that everyone had alliances before they came into the house and that it wasn't fair. This is funny because they had one too!

Veto happened and apparently Erika has won. I hope she uses it and they put up Mike Boogie. I really don't think she will though. Erika is smart and doesn't like to rock the boat. I think she has the best chance of winning the game at this point.
The houseguests are no longer having to eat PB&J if they loose the weekly food competition. Now they have to eat Big Brother Slop.

Big Brother Slop is basically high protein plain oatmeal! It is sort of like the stuff they send to starving children in Africa. Nasty but nutritious. Howie, Janelle, Danielle, Marcellas, James, and Nakomis have to eat it for a week. Just slop and water. Ewww.

At least they get to use condiments with it!

I have a strong feeling that Erika will not use the veto. Nakomis and Diane will stay on the block. Nakomis will be voted out in a unanimous vote. Diane will cry.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Congratulations Kaysar!

As I predicted Alison was evicted.

I was wrong about the vote. It was actually 8 to 2 in Danielle's favor. Diane and Nakomis voted Alison to stay. The HOH competition was called Alison Rules. It was true/false questions about the houseguests that Alison answered. It all came down to Kaysar and Nakomis then Kaysar won. Julie Chen totally fucked up and said Nakomis was the winner but she quickly apologized and fixed it. Kaysar is the new HOH...I believe he may nominate Boogie and Will. If he was smart he would nominate Diane, Jase, or Nakomis. They are much bigger threats. I hope he doesn't do the Danielle/George nomination because it would be so lame!
More later!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Bye Bye Bitch"

I am predicting Alison will be voted out 9 to 1.
The 1 will be Nakomis because I don't think she got the message to abort the plan.
Erika and Marcellas turned the tables after Ali blatantly lied to their faces then proceeded to show her true colors. Alison actually hid in a vase for about 1 1/2 hours yesterday trying to spy on people!

They want to "amber" their way through the next four or five weeks. They are in a "secret" alliance. Janelle promised Marcellas that if he voted for Alison to leave she would save him over James, Kaysar, and Howie (if that situation ever came).
Marcellas has turned into Danielle.
The point is Alison will be gone and it is mostly because of Janelle. She got Erika and Marcellas to do her dirty work.

Other note worthy new alliances are James and Diane and James and Danielle. James will shoot himself in the foot if he isn't careful. Marcellas and Chicken George have also made an alliance....that is just weird (but very smart).

Monday, July 10, 2006

"When You Became a Star"...

So this is a little blurb that I will post about every once in awhile. I am fascinated in trying to figure exactly the moment a person becomes a star. My first crack at it is:

Julia Roberts

I think Julia Roberts became a star when she sang "Kiss" in the bathtub in Pretty Woman. This leads to her taking the $3000.00 and blah, blah, blah... America loves a pretty girl that makes fun of herself (see the next person)!
She was adorable!

Cameron Diaz this is another Julia movie, but to me, it was all about Ms Diaz! My Best Friend's Wedding was awesome because of Ms Diaz! When she was forced to sing Karaoke (badly I might add) she became a star. It was almost like Julia was passing the star torch! I almost said the Something About Mary scene was the moment but I thought about it and realized if she didn't do this scene she wouldn't have got that film.

The Lowdown

So now Will, Mike, Diane, and Nakomis are voting for Ali to stay in the house.

Marcellas, Howie, Kaysar, James, and Erika are voting for Danielle to stay in.

The swing vote is Chicken George. Poor George is doomed no matter who is voted out because someone will be pissed at him! I think he should stay with the numbers. I really think Danielle will end up staying because George promised her his vote but you never know.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Top Ten

So I have been talking about Big Brother All-Stars relentlessly for a while now. It occurs to me that anyone who doesn't really watch the show might actually think these people were the best players. In my opinion some of them are not. I got to thinking about it and I decided to try to pick my top ten best players. Now they aren't really my favorite people but they are the best players I think (in no particular order):


The Evil Doctor Feel Good

He Lied his way all the way to the bank.

Why he won:
He told the house guests he was lying and they still believed the end he even said he would blow all the money. He was the most honest liar ever!


The Brainy Buxom Blonde

She was really the little engine that could. She surprised everyone buy winning lots of competitions and clear strategic thinking. She accessed her competition by playing chess with them.

Why she lost:
She never had a chance to win...especially when she was left in the final four with no allies!


Master of Minions

She was silent and deadly. She never did any of her dirty work.

Why she won:
The kept her nose clean and convinced her entire alliance that she was the second coming.


The Mastermind

The only player in Big Brother history never to be nominated for eviction. She was the only person in BB history to have a secret alliance till the end of the game. She stayed in the shadows and attacked with a vengeance when she needed to. She referred to herself as "the dark side" to her partner's personality.

Why she lost:
She was too honest in her diary sessions. She told the truth and the other players hated her for it.


The Coat Tailer

She was shy and demure. She never said much about her tactics in the game.

Why Lisa won:
She let everyone else pick each other off. She saved her energy until the end of the game and won the competitions that mattered. She found her final competitor's weakness and exploited it.


The Wicked Chef

She cooked for everyone and stayed in the heart of the house.

Why she won:
She floated from group to group until there were no groups left.


The Fire Starter

Loud and brash behavior was Ali's tactic. She had her game on from the moment she entered the house.

Why she lost:
She never bothered to care about people's feelings.


The Boy Next Door

He was a one woman man until the final three then he dumped her for a cowboy!

Why He Won:
He won because he dumped his "girlfriend" (who carried his ass through the show) and took his best friend (Cowboy) who he knew he could beat.


Love's Bitch

She was an "in your face" player who wasn't afraid of anyone.

Why she lost:
She fell for Drew who dumped her ass when he got to the final three.


The Mean Girl

Another "Type A" girl who alienated everyone in the house from her. She spoke her mind and made tough decisions

Why she lost:
She took Will to the final two.