Thursday, August 31, 2006

Congratulations Janelle and Boogie!!!

Ok so I was wrong about the double eviction! I was right about the HOH competitions though! Danielle was evicted 3 to 0 as I said she would be. Janelle nominated George and Erika! I was wrong about the veto. Erika won it and Boogie went up in her place. Chicken George was evicted 2-0. The next HOH was indeed won by Boogie. I think he will nominate Janelle and Erika. If Erika wins veto Janelle will go home. If Janelle wins veto Erika will go home. I think the boys will get rid of Erika if the nominations stay the same. I'm not really sure.

If Janelle wins the next veto competition it will be incredible. She is a machine. It could happen...but I'm not going to get my hopes up...well...not too much.


more as I know...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bye Bye Bitches!!! pts 9 & 10

I predict that Danielle will be evicted on this weeks show. The problem with this week is the live double eviction. No one knows who is going to win that one. Well I have made PREDICTIONS HERE but that is really just speculation. So for this weeks installment of Bye Bye Bitch I will make one "true" prediction and one "educated guess" prediction.

Danielle will be voted out of the house in a vote of 3 to o. Boogie, Will and Janelle will vote to evict her.

Head of Household Competition will probably go down like this:
Erika cannot play.
Boogie will throw the competition because he will want to be the next HOH.
Will will loose.
George will loose.
Janelle will win and nominate Boogie and Erika (with Erika as the target).

Veto Competition:
I think this will come down to Boogie, Janelle and Erika. I think Boogie will really try to win it if he does he will be safe and George will go up. Then Erika will be evicted in a tie breaker. If Janelle wins it (she probably will) then the Erika will be evicted. If nominees will stay the same.Erika wins she will save herself and Will or Chicken George will go up. Probably Chicken George. Erika will vote to evict George with Will and George could go home. If Will goes up in place of Erika he will go home. Erika won't vote out Boogie. George wants the Dr Gone anyway.

I predict Erika will be going to sequester with Danielle on Thursday evening. She will go in a vote of 2 to 0 or a 1 to 1 split with a Janelle tie breaker making it 2 to 1.

I guess we will see what happens tommorrow night!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Date Night!!!

So as part of the luxury competition the house guests got a five star meal. They decided to make it a date night. It was really cute. Will and Boogie were going to date Janelle and Erika and Chicken George and Danielle were going to go together (because they are married).

I really couldn't tell who was taking more prep time (Will or Janelle)!

Boogie and Erika were the side kicks as usual!

...and Chicken George and Danielle...well...they were there too...I think...

After the finishing touches they all went to the backyard to eat!

The meal was sort of uneventful.

Afterwards Will and Janelle all but hooked up. It is so obvious they like each other...but he doesn't like her as much as he likes Neil Patrick Harris! Maybe he has a thing for blondes...

Of course Boogie interrupts their love fest!
Boogie is obviously jealous of Janelle...she is effectively driving a big-ass wedge between the boys of Chill Town.

Erika and Danielle made up. Erika spilled the beans about her secret alliance with Janelle. Danielle promptly told Boogie. He told Will and Will laughed. Will and Janelle started that whole thing to show Boogie she is not trustworthy.

The most vulgar award goes to Boogie, Will and Janelle for this conversation:

"W: are you going to have a showmance tonight, boogie?
B: you know it.
W: what is going to happen.
B: i'm going to try to eat her box.
W: say that again boogie.
B: i'm going to go under the covers and eat her box. then i'm going to take my hard on out and have it stroked."

Then Will and Janelle bursted out laughing and did a high five for the camera.
shout out to:
Nikki's Return!!!

So my lovely little Nikki was sequestered into a secret house next door when she was evicted from the UK Big Brother house. She was there with 3 other house mates. The people in the main house were given the option of putting one of the evicted people in the house next door back into the game. They had a minute to decide and they chose NIKKI!!!! This is Nikki finding out:

My Big Predictions

I usually make predictions for the outcome of Big Brother when we have the final six. Now that I actually have this space I am going to take this opportunity to make these predictions. This is what I think is going to happen.

Thursday: Danielle will go home. Immediately after they will have the HOH comp and Janelle will win. She will nominate Erika and Boogie. In the veto Boogie will have the veto used on him or if Janelle wins it the nominations will stay the same. Will will vote out Erika. George will vote out Boogie. Janelle will vote out Erika. Erika and Danielle will go to sequester.

Now we have final four. I think Boogie will win HOH. He will nominate George and Janelle. Janelle will win the veto and take herself off the block. Will will go up. Janelle will evict George. George will go to sequester.

Final three: Janelle, Will and Boogie. Boogie will win the endurance competition. Janelle could if Boogie's foot is still fucked up...I think they would take that into consideration though. Janelle will win the second competition. Will will throw it to her. Janelle will win the final competition against Boogie. Will will try to bow out and Janelle will evict Boogie. Boogie goes to sequester.

Final two: Janelle and Will. I think in the end Will could take it all. Janelle has pissed more people off. I think in the end the jury will vote for Will. The votes will go like this:

Marcellas: Will or Janelle
Howie: Janelle
James: Janelle
Danielle: Will
Erika: Will
George: Janelle
Boogie: Will

I actually think the swing vote will be Marcellas. If he votes for Janelle she will win. I just can't see him doing it though.

The final vote this year is the hardest because Janelle rocked the competitions and Will rocked the strategy. Janelle had a bigger target on her back and she survived every person on the jury with the exceptions of George and Howie. This may give her more street credit with the jury.

Well, that's it...I guess we will see how it goes!

Monday, August 28, 2006


After a few boring days things heated up last night in the Big Brother house! Earlier in the day Erika went to Danielle to tell her she may put her up as a replacement nominee. She cried to Danielle and said , "I came here to win this game...I can't win against you in the final two." Danielle seemed to take it well, "Do what you gotta do." I thought that was the end of it.
Nuh UH!!!

Danielle got trashed last night. I don't exactly know how...or if she was acting...but it seemed real and she never said "just kidding" like she normally does. The conflict started when Boogie and Will didn't get into the hot tub with her. Apparently they said they would. Danielle yelled out across the back yard, "Don't make me start to call out L.O.D.!!!"
They went upstairs and hid.

Danielle starts to tell Chicken George how to win the game when she's gone. She tells him to only trust Janelle. She tells him how to answer questions when he gets to final two. Then she starts in on Erika. She totally smack talked her for a REALLY long time. What she didn't realize was that Erika had come outside to smoke and was listening in on the whole conversation. When she turned around and saw her she started yelling, "WHAT??? WHAT!!?!?"

She goes over and begins to go off on Erika for what had to be over an hour! The problem is she just said the same things over and over. "I trusted you. You won't have my vote in the end. It's not personal you made a strategic error. Blah, blah, blah...

Finally Erika goes inside and tries to wake up Boogie to help her. Boogie won't. ERIKA: THIS IS YOUR CLUE # 1...LOOSE HIS ASS!!! Actually his farting on her should have been the first clue but...whatever. Will goes to the HOH with Erika and makes sure that Danielle's fate is sealed. You could tell Will was getting annoyed about Boogie being lame. Boogie is making Will do all the work and Will is starting to resent it.

Danielle went upstairs and rang the HOH doorbell about a zillion times. They wouldn't let her in. In the end she told Janelle about what happened and told her to take care a Chicken George. She also told her not to trust anyone but Chicken George.

After Danielle went to bed CG and Janie made fish sticks and laughed at everyone in the house. I want to mention George was always there during Danielle's fits. He is listening to everything everyone is saying downstairs.

The next day Erika nominated Danielle.

more as I know...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Christmas in August

The house guests were woken early this "Christmas" morning by a special visitor. Neil Patrick Harris walked into the house with a Santa hat on and woke up Danielle. Will and Janelle woke up (they all share a room) and they all giggled with surprise. Will had to apologize because he had "morning wood".

I think Will is in love with NPH. I really do! He listed him as his favorite actor and has mentioned him on numerous occasions in the house. Maybe Erin Brodey wasn't Will's girlfriend after all! Maybe...just maybe...NPH is Will's real "girlfriend".

NPH spent Christmas morning with the house guests. I think they all were happy to see a new face. They all got presents. I don't know exactly what they got but in general they all seem to be pleased. I noticed a few digital cameras and a portable dvd player. They aren't allowed to use the electrical "toys" in the house though.

Erika agonized over who to nominate as Janelle's replacement for about two seconds. She told Danielle the truth. She will nominate her because she doesn't think she can win against her. Danielle took it well. I guess she was sort of expecting it after James left. Now all she has to do is wait. I suspect Chicken George will be the other person evicted on Thursday. Maybe it will be Janelle. Who knows...all I know for sure is that if Danielle is nominated she will go.

Is there a new alliance being formed in the house? It seems that Janelle and Erika may actually team up if they get to final four and try to take out Chill Town. It's about damned time! Of course this was Janelle's idea.

I have read recently that Will's girlfriend has broken up with him. This is (as usual) speculation. She requested that her photos be taken off his My Space account. This happened shortly after the infamous "shower incident" with Janelle, Erika, and Boogie. He is once again listed as single. I would like to take a moment to point out the little dog that Will is carrying. This is Will's dog. That is sooooo GAY! I would like to list this as exhibit A in my case that Will is gay and dating NPH.

The weird tension between Will and Boogie has backed off a bit. I think they are just going to let Erika and Janelle fight it out for final three. Janelle and Will are getting closer and closer much to Boogie's chagrin. They almost took a nap in the same bed today. Will panicked and decided to sleep on the floor next to her instead. Then he asked if he could hold her hand. They eventually moved the blanket so the cameras wouldn't see them.

more as I know...