Sunday, November 26, 2006

BYE BYE BITCHES!!! parts 8 and 9

So due to my work schedule we are gonna have to kill two birds with one stone! Last week Masculinda was kicked off the show. Her elimination was about as interesting as her tenure in the world of Top Model. For that reason I will not bother with a long drawn out explanation of what went on in that episode. This week lesbionic model Michelle was kicked to the curb!

A few points from last weeks episode that should catch you up:

*The models did and acting competition and Caridee won it
*Tyra informed the remaining girls they would be travelling to Barcelona, Spain this year.
*Caridee totally screwed up their commercial challenge and almost got her ass kicked off the show.
*Jaeda is sent home a few days after she makes it to Spain!

This week was a little more interesting. The big challenge of the week was the infamous "go see" challenge. The girls were given a set amount of time and a list of ten designers to interview with. They all did OK except for Michelle and Amanda. They pretty much sucked at this competition. Of course Smellrose won it in the end and rubbed it in everyone else's face. These girls are starting to seriously hate that girl!

The big photo shoot of the week was with Mr Nigel Barker. It was set in a bull ring. It was pretty funny when Mr Jay came out in a bull fighter's costume. He looked super swishy! All was well at the bull ring until Caridee opened her stupid mouth. Nigel was holding this stick. I think it was a prop of some sort. Caridee looks at Nigel and says, "Did you get that from your ass after the last Panel?"

What a DUMB ASS!!! What was she thinking??? I really have no clue. Nigel was offended. She spent the rest of the day trying to make up for it. Her shoot kind of sucked because of all her worrying.

Unfortunately there were no tragedies with the bull. I was really looking forward to one. I KNOW they could have sacrificed a model for my amusement. Don't let me down like that again Tyra.

Panel was awkward and tense. Caridee wrote an apology letter to Nigel and the other judges. It was sort of lame but it probably kept her in the game. Smellrose did well (as usual). I just don't understand why they thought her photo was so good. She looked like a moose dressed in drag. The big shocker was Amanda. For some reason the judges just sort of fixated on her and it was very evident she was going to be in the bottom two. I really didn't get it. I thought her photo was way better than Smellrose's.

The girls were all asked to say who they thought was good enough to win the competition AND who they thought sucked. A lot of girls said Amanda which pretty much sealed her fate in the bottom two. When it was Michelle's turn she totally said that she thought of herself as the weakest link amongst them. I have to say that I thought it was very evident that she was throwing herself under the bus so that Amanda could stay in the game. I'm glad that Tyra recognized that too.
In the end it came down to the twins and Michelle was sent home.

Now for the fun part:

Cover Girl of the Week:


Once again Caridee is America's favorite. I suspect the producers of ANTM are making us think that Caridee is going home soon so that we won't realize that she is the only choice left to win the competition. Hey producers! We aren't stupid!

Best Photo:

Tyra Banks the bull...

Most Improved:


Eugena has never been my favorite person this cycle. I have to admit that she is turning it out now that we are at the end! I would not be surprised to find her in the final three!

Annoying Bitch of the Week:


I don't get pretty much have this competition won already...why are you freaking out at the last minute!?!? Mellow the fuck out Caridee! You got this girl!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Bye Bye Bitch!!! pt 7

After changing from really cool girl to really annoying beeotch, Anchal was eliminated from America's Next Top Model. I was such a huge fan of hers but she really just sort of sucked at the end. Unfortunately the "fat" girls are always the ones that loose every bit of personality right before the big trip abroad. Because Anchal had the life sucked out of her by Smellrose and the other girls she will not be able to go to Spain (I'm guessing that will be the trip destination).

The episode started off good enough. Brooke is being missed by all the girls and they sit around with an guitar and sing. It was actually sort of annoying. The first challenge of the week was to get into bikinis and learn how to take action shots. It was hosted by Model/athlete Gabrielle Reece. They all pretty much sucked at it but for some reason Anchal became the whiniest bitch on earth. I don't get it at all.

Back at home Smellrose and Anchal have it out one more time. Smellrose says Anchal is childish and that she has no respect for other people in the house. Anchal says that she is going to have to slap that ho down. It was a great Top Model moment.

Next challenge has to do with action shots again. The meet James St John and race car driver Stanton Barret at a race track. They are supposed to attack the hot race car driver and take a photo of themselves while doing it. It was a very Survivor like task: Waaaaay too complicated!

Most of the girls were ok (but kinda sucky) and Michelle got on top of the guys car and punctured it with her high heel. Masculinda looked like the scariest bitch ever. I thought she was gonna eat his face off! The best part of this competition is that James St John was sooo obviously fucked up the entire time. I want some of what he's having!

Michelle wins the competition. She gets to choose 3 girls to go with her on a shopping spree. She chose CariDee, Amanda, and Smellrose. Be careful to notice that all the women of color were left out. I don't think this was intentional but it was pretty funny. Anchal, Eugena and Masculinda were totally the ugly step sisters sitting on the side lines. Bitter!!!

The funniest part of the whole thing was that the white girls all had to compete against each other. Whoever picked the most clothes got to keep ALL the clothes (even Michelle's). What a crappy competition to win! Smellrose won. The girls were bitter. Smellrose didn't even share! What a skank!

The final photo shoot was set inside a training facility for sky divers. The models were supposed to look like they were floating in space. This was probably the worst set of photos I have ever seen on the show. They all pretty much looked lame.

Panel was fun because this week they had a task. They each got different adjectives and verbs they had to interpret through movement. Most of the girls were lackluster at best. The stand out was Caridee who had to "hide dizzily". She was sooo funny. I like her even more now! It is funny that she annoyed me so much in the beginning!

In the end it came down to Anchal and Michelle. Anchal left and when she hugged Smellrose goodbye she said, "I still hate you." Smellrose said, "I hate you too." Then Achal blew it by saying she was just kidding. Whatever! Anchal really let me down this time.

It's time for the fun part!

Cover girl of the week


Caridee did it again...she is my fave to win..I hope she does!

photo of the week


I don't care what the judges say...I liked this shot the best!

most improved

She get's better and better...those bitches better watch out!

Why is this Bitch still in the game?

I just don't get it...step it up Eugena!

annoying bitch of the week


You let me down girl! You deserved to go...

More later this week!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

More Filler!

OK so here is another "Kelly" video to tide you over till Tuesday:

Friday, November 10, 2006


So I suck! I've just moved across the country and am trying to catch up with all the shows I blog about! I promise that I will do that ASAP. Be on the lookout for a three episode catch up of LOST, the next installment of "Bye Bye Bitch" for Survivor and ANTM, and a new episode of Australia's Next Top Model. They will probably come over the next three or four days!

In the meantime:

This was first brought to my attention by my friend Katie. Recently I started a new job and the people I work with were all crouched around a computer watching this. I decided that means you should all see it too: