Friday, October 26, 2007

Lost Lushes????

Ok, just for the record, I'd like to say I personally have no problem with the fact that some people get arrested for DUI. I mean, really, if you can honestly say you were never friends with someone who was arrested then you must be living under a rock. The ever-so-asian-hot Daniel Dae Kim was arrested recently for DUI. This makes him the 3rd Lost actor to be arrested for DUI and the fourth arrested period (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje was arrested for traffic violations). What the Hell??? Are they all lushes? Is there bitterness between the Hawaii police department and the Lost cast? It's all very strange...
Just to be hateful I am posting their mug shots:

Why oh why do they still take better photos all drunk and arrested than I do completely sober??? It's all so unfair!
Despite everything I still like the actors. I hope Daniel Dae Kim doesn't get killed off like Cynthia Watros (the blond) and Michelle Rodriguez (brunette) did. That would suck!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

America's Next Top Model
Bye Bye Bitch
pt 6

What a great week of ANTM! The episode started off pretty slow but by the end it was scandalous!
As usual, you can click on any image to make it bigger!

We started off with the girls being way too nice to each other again! I know Tyra is going with the whole "this is our green cycle" thing. It's very hippy of her! Must our girls all be sweet to each other constantly!?!

There is a knock on the Top Model door about five minutes into the episode and guess who it is...the ever hot Tyson Beckford! The girls completely freak and scream like white trash going to an opening of a Super Walmart! He was there to teach the girls how to be spokes models! They had to go into the kitchen and find something to sell. They all kind of sucked but he was nice to them.

Tyson then took the girls to their competition of the week. They had to make up a promo ad for Keep a Child Alive (African AIDS babies). They were all pretty good. Bianca totally screwed her group by forgetting the name of the organization. Ebony 's group was good, but in the end it was Jenah, Heather and Ambreal who rocked it the most! They won the challenge! Lisa Price (founder of the beauty line "Carol's Daughter") gave two of the girls a $500 gift basket from Carol's Daughter while the third girl got to do a photo shoot with Mary J Blige. They chose the photo shoot girl by pulling a name out of a hat. It was Heather and she rocked the shoot.

The next day we had to listen to Ebony whine about how she wanted to go home! She feels like modeling isn't the thing for her! It was sort of fun watching her around the other girls though! They would just roll their eyes and say , "Yes you do"...

The photo shoot of the week was all about things that you can recycle (boooooring). Each of the girls had to model a recyclable item. There was paper, garbage bags, aluminum cans...well, you get the picture! It was non-eventful. Ebony sucked on purpose and Abreal thought she was bringing it but she wasn't.

The judges were pretty much impressed with the girls. In the end it came down to Ambreal vs. Ebony. Ambreal was sent home....BUT WAIT!!! Ebony speaks up and says she doesn't want to be there anymore! The judges were shocked but the models all looked like they knew it was coming. Tyra says she hates quitters and sends Ebony on her way!

On to the fun part!

Cover Girl of the Week


Heather won it again! She faced forward and gave us a beautiful face shot this week. I still think she will win.

Most Improved


I almost chose Bianca but I really think Sarah is coming into her own. She looks great in this shot but she should be careful: she's loosing too much weight to be a plus-sized model!

Photo of the Week


It's all about the neck in this shot. Hot Hot Hot!!!

Annoying Bitch of the Week


Really!?! You quit!?! Good riddance!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

America's Next Top Model
Bye Bye Bitch!!!
pt 5

This week it was all about posing. This could mean posing while jumping on a tramp-oline (sorry about that), posing while ice skating or even posing as a fashion gargoyle! It was a weird episode so why don't we just get to it!

First off I would like to say the girls seemed to be getting along a little too well at the beginning of the episode! They were all lovey and annoying. The only hint at bitterness was the girls being very slightly annoyed by Janet's obsession with cleaning. Thank God the love fest was interrupted by Tyra mail! The letter basically told them to be ready the next morning for some posing!

Enter: Benny effing Ninja...AGAIN! Skeletor decided that it was his job to teach these girls to pose while in movement. He made them get on a trampoline and pose fiercely. None of them were particularly good but it seemed that maybe Bianca was the best.

This weeks challenge was posing while some guy they barely knew lifted each girl while ice skating. No really! It was very strange! The guest judges were the lady from Seventeen Magazine and Danielle (winner 2 cycles ago). It was pretty shameful. Most of the girls sucked (yet again) but a few REALLY sucked. I think the winner of the all time worst was Heather. It was awesome...she was just awkward and BAD. Unfortunately Lisa was the winner of the challenge. She got to choose two girls to join her in a photo shoot for Seventeen Magazine. She chose Janet and Ebony.

While winners were doing a very hoochified shoot the other girls were at home...being bitches! This win divided the house in half. Apparently a lot of the girls see though Lisa's bullshit just as well as I do! When Lisa and the girls got back it was deliciously tense.

The next day they had their photo shoot. They were supposedly made up to look like high fashion gargoyles! I didn't really get the reference in the clothes but...whatever...I'm not Mr J. Ambreal completely wigged out! They had to do the shoot on top of this really tall building and she is very afraid of heights. I find it strange that she didn't really complain about it when they were rock climbing but yet again...whatever. Most of the girls were pretty good. Lisa yet again stood out (sigh).

At panel things were pretty calm. With no Victoria to attack Twiggy it was even a little boring. We found out that Ebony is afraid to smile because she thinks her gums are to big. Seriously. We also got to see Lisa at her most manipulative. Of course she almost had a breakdown (fake) and totally ratted out the girls that were mean to her (snitch). OK #1: They really were not that mean; #2: Shut up and deal with it yourself; #3: It was so obvious that she was trying to get the judges to feel sorry for her!!! Sorry bitch but you are no Natasha (last cycle)! Natasha was really attacked by the other girls on a daily basis and NEVER whined about it in panel. This ho was barely made fun of and she makes it out like they ate her effing puppy!!! Whatever.

In the end Janet was just a little less modelriffic and was sent packing. She was sad and so was I! I thought they should have kept her for at least another week!

On to the fun part!

Cover Girl of the Week:


People still like her...I do to!

Most Improved:


She really impressed me this week! If she keeps this kind of work up she may be able to kick Saleisha right out the door.

Most Likely to take A Bad-Ass Pic then Suck at Panel:


Why!?! Why does she suck in panel!?!? I honestly think Tyra caused this whole situation! She completely made her feel like ass when she did her semi-final interview and the girl has never recovered.

Least Likely to Fix Her Hair for Panel:


Do you not own an effing brush? Maybe a pony tail holder? Anything???

Annoying Bitch of the Week and (unfortunately) Best Photo:


Lisa: This may be a fierce photo but you are the most emotionally manipulative person I have ever seen on this show. I can't stand you.
..."and...I'm done!"

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm Here

So I saw The Color Purple when it was in previews on Broadway. I thought it was ok. The leading lady (Tony winner Lachanze) was just a little to pretty and well spoken to be really believable as Miss Celie. When she left the show the character of Miss Celie was recast with Fantasia Barrino (one of the winners of American Idol). Like most of America I let out a sigh of disappointment. Really? Fantasia? "Baby Mama" singing Fantasia???


Well...yet again...I was wrong. Apparently Fantasia has infused The Color Purple with life (and it desperately needed it). Here is a clip of Fantasia singing the big torch song of the play (I'm Here) on Oprah. She rocks it way harder than Lachanze ever did.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

America's Next Top Model
Bye Bye Bitch!!! pt 4

It is the classic ANTM makeover episode this week! Right on! I love makeover week! Unfortunately most of the girls really liked their makeovers, so we didn't get a lot of drama!

We started with the girls getting "Tyra Mail" about going to get their makeovers. Everyone was really excited except for Chantal who was convinced they were going to cut off all her hair. When they got to makeover central they found Mr and Ms J. The boys were basically there to hold the girls hands, introduce Tyra and (in the end) make fun of the girls that cried.
They switched things up this year! Instead of lame-ass drawings of the girls new looks they did these weird computer morphs. The girls were pretty happy.

There were a few moments of drama! The first was when they tried to take out Ebony's $500.00 weave! Turns out Ebony got a really bad weave for free! They actually had to pull it off her forehead where the weavologist accidentally glued it on! Scandalous! The best bit of drama was defiantly when it was discovered that Bianca had damaged her pink locks to a point where they couldn't complete the makeover! They buzzed that girls hair off and made her start from scratch! It was awesome! The funny thing is that Bianca cried but not nearly as bad as I thought she would. She was really cool and I had to give her props for not taking the moment to go all "theatre" on us!

This weeks challenge was hosted by the oh-so hot Nigel (and unfortunately his wife)! It was the Cover girl challenge. All the girls had a ridiculous amount of time to get dressed and do a completely made up face to be judged. The girl who had the best make up would win something that I honestly can't remember! The point is Janet would have won but she put on the wrong dress! Sarah won instead and everyone was happy that Saleisha finally lost something.

The whole time all this was going on we had to be subjected to listening to Victoria whine about not feeling like a model. SHUT UP VICTORIA!!!! If I had to hear one more time that she was smart and not very good model material i swear I would have put a cigarette out in my eye!

The photo shoot was really fun! Each of the girls were given a specific kind of flower or plant they had to portray. Most of the girls were ok but there were a few train wreaks! Victoria thought way too much about what she was doing and ended up looking stiff. The golden child Saleisha had dead eyes and poor Chantal was left in tears after Mr J and the photographer started telling her opposite things.

Panel was pretty typical. Jenah had the best shot (again) and Victoria tried to attack Twiggy (again). This time Twiggy basically told her that she always came across as abrasive and it was a little offensive. Nigel said she may be smart but she wasn't wise. Nigel is so hot.
In the end it came down to Saleisha and Victoria and Vic was sent packing!

Now for the fun part!

Cover girl of the Week


Everyone loves an autistic girl!

Best Makeover


I was really skeptical when Tyra revealed her new look ...but after a little make up and better clothes Sarah looks incredible.

Worst Makeover


I remember this cut from my's very figure skater.
They said she was gonna have a Louise Brooks bob...I hate to tell ya but that aint nothing like LB!!!

Most Improved


She would have had best shot in panel if she hadn't effed up her interview so bad!

Best Photo


They better watch out! She now blond and beautiful!!!

Annoying Bitch of the Week


I think I've said it all before, no?

Monday, October 08, 2007

America's Next Top Model
Bye Bye Bitch!
pt 3

It was a fun week for our wanna-be models this week on ANTM! The got to go to a haunted runway class, do a runway challenge for a up and coming designer AND go rock climbing (no really). I really don't know how they manage to cap all their excitement!

The episode started out with Bianca being a crazy bitch. She was giving Kimberly bad advice about runway. Then she got in a screaming match with Saliesha. Saliesha is a weird one. She's gonna turn into YaYa from cycle 3. She's soooo sure she's gonna win this thing! I think she will make it far--but in the end I'm certain her over confidence will end up shooting her in the foot. Bianca has opted to be the bitch of the cycle. I told you they were probably faking us out with Ebony! Bianca is more than willing to fuck with a girl's head to throw her off her game. I suspect Bianca will be here for a while...unless the real villain is still lurking in the shadows!

The focus was on Runway this week. The girls had a class with Ms J in what seemed to be a "haunted" asylum. They had to wear straight jackets and do their most fierce walk. They were all pretty good. Of course Saliesha and Bianca felt it was all about them...truthfully, I think their walks are still a bit American Hoochie, but that's just my opinion.

We had two special guests this week: Roy Cambell and designer Collen Quen. Roy set up a fashion show in which the girls were supposed to be the stars of. They all had to wear Collen's couture. It was pretty cool. I thought that fashion show was way better than some of the finale shows that we've seen


The point of the challenge was to be awesome while stuffed into Collen's gowns (which restricted their movement). The winner of the challenge was going to get to go to Paris in a few months to be in Collen's fashion show! That's a pretty cool reward. It came down to Bianca and Saliesha and Saliesha won. Bianca was PISSED.

The photo shoot was couture rock climbing. the girls got made up to look "edgy" (sort of 1980's glam) and then got into a harness and tried to look fabulous. Most of the girls were good. Lisa managed to annoy me with her afraid of heights crap. She's so manipulative. I really was impressed with most of the girls in this challenge.

Panel was pretty standard. Tyra tried to be funny by talking in this bad French accent. Yawn. Most of the girls did well in panel. Victoria seems to have it out for Twiggy. She needs to show an icon a little more respect! That pissed me off. All Twiggy did was say something about how Victoria's photo was "unusual" and Victoria got all defensive! Twiggy didn't even say it in a bad way! It was an effing compliment! Victoria immediately shot back: "What IS unusual about me?" Shut up and pose Vic!

In the end my preshow pick for winner (Kimberly) was chosen to go home. It was sad...I really liked her.

Uncanny Resemblance of the Week:

Jaslene and Janis

This is Jaslene and Janis Dickinson (she used to be Twiggy in panel before she left the show). I always thought they looked alike but this proves it!

Favorite Photo:


The judges liked it best and I have to say: SO DO I. This was just a great shot all around...flawless!

Honorable Mention:


She turns it out every week! She's still my favorite to win.

Most Improved:


This shot is awesome! Even though she may be inconsistent she rocked this one shot...I have high hopes for her!

Annoying Bitch of the Week:


I just can't cosign her smart ass comments to Twiggy (two weeks in a row). Get over yourself Vic! We know you are smart and you lucked into this! We know you are confident! Back off being a bitch to the judge that likes you the most!!!

See ya next week...for MAKEOVERS!!!