Monday, June 18, 2007

My favorite LOST episodes
season 3

Season 3 was almost as good as season 1. It introduced us to new characters and by the end of the season we really had no idea where the show was going to go in the final three seasons! We are at the halfway point and I'm as excited as I can be to see what happens next.
I have to say, this season was the hardest to pick episodes for! I had so many favorites that I had to edit them down. Just for the record though, if I could have added:
Further Instructions
Trisha Tanaka is Dead
Enter 77
Par Avion
Left Behind
The Brig
and Greatest Hits
to the list I would have in a heartbeat. They were all good and I think you should check them out too!

So here are my season 3 favorites that made the cut!




A Tale of Two Cities

This is the season premier and what a premier it was! We meet my new favorite character (Juliet) and begin to find out what the Others are all about. This is a Jack flashback, but the island stuff is the real reason to watch!

The Cost Of Living

We finally get to see the monster kill a character in this episode! So that's how it does it! This is an Eko episode but the real action is on island not in flashbacks.

I Do

This was the mini-season finale. They released the first six episodes in the early fall and then went on a huge hiatus. This episode is worth watching for the last five minutes!

Not In Portland

So how is it that Juliet got involved with the Others? This is the episode that explains it all. Very engaging and a great episode to get us back into the swing of things after the mini-season! Wonder how the Others have such loyal followers? Check out their training methods in this episode!

Flashes Before Your Eyes

I have one thing to say about this episode: What the Hell!?!?
Desmond is the focus of this episode and while he may have annoyed me through season 2, he rocks in season 3.

The Man From Tallahassee

Ever wonder how Locke was put in that wheelchair? Well, here is the answer! This episode has it all: mythology, character development, mystery, and what? ANSWERS!

One Of Us

We pick up where Juliet comes to the island and discover there is a lot more to her than we realized in the beginning. We get a better sense of how the Others get their off-island info and we get a nice surprise at the end of the episode!

The Man Behind the Curtain

We finally get to see a Ben flashback! This one is scandalous and awesome! Ben is one screwed up guy. I dare to say his father was slightly more screwed up though. We also get to meet Jacob...well...sorta...

Through the Looking Glass

The third season finale and in my opinion the best one yet. The producers nicknamed the big twist at the end "the rattlesnake" and when you see it you will know why! I was speechless for days!

****to check out seasons 1 and 2 favorites click on photos below****



Season 2

or what I like to call:

as the title to this post suggests...

Of the three seasons of LOST that we've seen so far the second was my least favorite. There were a handful of episode that were great so here we go!!!

Man of Science, Man of Faith

This was the season premier and also the premier of the hatch and it's inhabitant--Desmond! This was also one of the last Jack flashback episodes that was interesting. Over all it was a great season opener and really did a good job of letting us know what to expect for the rest of the season!

The Other 48 Days

WOW. You wanted to know what happened to the tail section of the plane? Well this episode gives you all the answers. A fun (and tragic) look at what happened to the b-list passengers of flight 815.

The 23rd Psalm

This is an Eko-centric episode. I really disliked Eko. I never understood why he was such a fan favorite! I'm supposing it is because whenever an episode focused on him something cool always happened. In this case is was the monster! We finally get a great view of monster!!!

Maternity Leave

Claire annoys me. She REALLY annoys me. Fortunately I was pleasantly surprised at what happened in this Claire-centric episode. We got answers out to HERE!!! We find out what exactly happened to Claire when she was kidnapped for a week during season 1.


This isn't really one of those episodes that moves the over all story along, but I love it all the same. This is about Rose and Bernard and why they were on flight 815. It is sweet and very much about character rather than mythology. I loved it.

Two for the Road

Scandalous!!!! Pure scandal!!! I couldn't believe what happened at the end of this episode. I hated Ana Lucia and this episode helped me hate her a little less. This episode is really the catalyst for the rest of what happens in the season.

Three Minutes

A Micheal-centric episode. It tells you what happened when he ran off looking for Walt. It's very interesting and definitely should be considered the first part of a three part season finale.

Live Together, Die Alone
parts 1 and 2

The season finale and the answer to what happens when you don't push "the button".
Most certainly a season 2 must see.

Watch for favorite episodes season 3...
Ahhh summer...(yawn)

Well it is summer and unfortunately that means death to television in general! Sorry that it's taken me so long to get back into blog mama passed away in May and I've been a little distracted. Let's get on with a few little tie ups so we can move on to summer shows!



Congratulations Jaslene!!!

We have our first Latina Top Model! Even though she sounded a bit like a retarded dolphin when she talked I think she did a pretty good job. I think Rene' got robbed! I loved Natasha (and was rooting for her) but Jaslene kicked her butt in the end so...


What the Hell!?!?! They got off the island!?!? Well, at least Jack and Kate did!!!! There are still three more seasons left! I have no idea what is going to happen here but I think it's going to be good! Bravo for an excellent 3rd season! I think I'm going to go ahead and finish up my favorite episodes of lost blogs so look forward to that in the future!


huh? Wha?
oh never mind...maybe next the way...Earl won...whatever.

Veronica Mars

Well, it looks like that was that and let me tell ya: They went out with a whimper! How sad...

Ugly Betty

By far my favorite new show of the year! Bad Ass!!! Will Betty and Henry EVER get together? Will Betty's dad ever come home?? What are Hilda and Justin going to do? Amanda is Faye's daughter!?!? Shut up!!! Will Daniel and his brother/sister (Alex/Alexis) survive the car crash!? I can't wait till this show comes back!

Battlestar Gallactica

Starbuck is back!!! Is she the final Cylon?? We still have one more for them to reveal and I personally hope she isn't it! Have they really found Earth? I hear this upcoming season will be it for the show...I hope they wrap it up nicely!!

Ok that is it for now. I know I will be rockin' Big Brother this summer...I'm not sure (yet) if I will focus on something else. We'll see...

Till next time!