Wednesday, November 28, 2007

public apology


Ok, so I was a total beeeeeeetch about Victoria but after reading this article:

(click on pic below for article)

Sorry kinda rock now.

Monday, November 26, 2007

America's Next Top Model
Bye Bye Bitch pt 8

Well the girls made it to China and I was finally able to say good bye to my least favorite Model of all the cycles of ANTM: Lisa. What a great week! Yay! I have to admit, I've had a few moments where I thought maybe I was a little too harsh when it came to Lisa. Was she really as emotionally manipulative as I claimed she was? I don't know. I guess sometimes you just have issues with someone and that's that!

The girls were very excited to be in China! They compared it to Las Vegas...strange, but true. They had a pointless meeting with Mr and Ms J. I mean, really??? They literally found them, said something to the effect of: Welcome....goodbye! Then they sent them to their suite at a ritzy hotel.

This was a point of angst for several of the girls. There were 5 beds and 6 girls. Of course there was one double bed...that meant two were meant to share. Saleisha plopped her broke down ass on the bed and said Heather could sleep on the couch or some shit! Wh-what!?!? I told you Saleisha was a bitch! In the end I think Jenah gave up her single and slept with Heather in the double. This didn't stop Saleisha and Bianca from being catty little skanks. It would be ok if Saleisha was actually model material...she's not...and we all know it.

The challenge was cool this week. They learned fight poses from a Chinese fight choreographer and then had to do them hanging from stunt wires. Most of the girls did well, but Bianca (who just wanted to go shopping) decided that now she was also afraid of heights! That is three girls in one season who have been afflicted with a selective fear of heights: Lisa (rock climbing), Ambreal (gargoyles on the roof) and now Bianca. WHATEVER.

The funniest part was that Heather (who Saleisha and Bianca hate) won the challenge and the prize guessed it...a shopping spree in China! Bianca was livid! I really liked it when Heather chose Chantal to shop with her, because she wanted to show Bianca "tough love".

This week's shoot was the infamous Cover Girl commercial. Saleisha rocked it (as did Chantal). Heather and Lisa bombed BIG. They were truly awful. Heather better get over the awkwardness!!! If not, she'll never win this thing! Lisa was let go and Heather survived to fight another day!

Cover Girl of the Week:


Who knew Heather could be cute!?!? No wonder she wins this every week!!!

Most Improved:


Your outfit (self chosen) is waaaaaay broke down...but you were charming in your commercial! This shot would have been my fave if you hadn't gone all milk maid on us!

Shot of the Week


Very nice work. Too bad she's such a nasty piece of work off camera. I suspect she or Chantal will be next to go.

Annoying Bitch of the Week:


Are you really so comfortable with your position that you think you can run around acting just plain hateful!?!? You??? Hmmmm...

Monday, November 19, 2007

America's Next Top Model
Bye Bye Bitch pt 7

The inevitable came to pass this week...Ambreal was booted and we found out that the girls are going to China! The funniest thing about Ambreal going home was that we all sort of knew it was going to happen. It's like those Final Destination may have been saved once (or twice) but death is still coming for you! Fashion death came for the form of Tyra Banks!
It was a pretty uneventful week! So much so that this post will be even shorter than usual!

Major points:

Heather is starting to unravel...the other girls (including goody goody Saleisha) smelled the fear and attacked like a pack of hyenas! The poor tard-girl never had a chance against them.
Bianca still doesn't understand why Heather is still there! Note to Bianca: America wonders the same thing about you!

Chantal honestly thinks she is the best one there! She cant hear the truth from anybody...not even Tyra! She was in the bottom two and she still stood there with a "I know I'm not going" look on her face! I wish I was that confident!
I still hate Lisa...but she was really low-key this week.

I think we should look out for Jenah....she may just end up in the final two.

now for fun:

Cover Girl Of the Week:



Most Improved:


I hate to say it but it's totally true! Bianca is getting better...and her attitude is getting worse...I suspect she will be gone soon.

Photo of the Week:


She is the quiet one in the background that sneaks up on you. Nobody considers her a real threat in the competition...I bet she will make it to at least final three...maybe even final two!

Annoying Bitch of the Week:


I can not understand why she is still here. Saleisha is a pretty nice girl but she's no supermodel! Her behavior this week was just hateful. She treated Heather like crap and then pretended she didn't! If you are going to be a bitch Saleisha at least have the balls to own it!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

America's Next Top Model
cycle 9
Bye Bye Bitch pt 6

After a few years of not having music videos on ANTM, Tyra surprised us with one more starring Enrique Iglesias. One girl turns into a zombie and passes out! One girl has body issues! Last, but not least, one girl has her dreams crushed forever!!!!

It was a long week for me. I hated waiting for ANTM to come back after having to suffer through the early (and pointless) recap episode! Well the girls were back this week and it was a pretty fun week.

First Tyra taught the girls about how to move like a model. It took me a minute to figure out what was wrong with this picture...then it occurred to me...this is usually taught by Janis Dickinson! Well, I guess they couldn't get her this time because it was taught by Tyra. The thing that worried me was that Tyra seemed really winded the entire time. I thought she was going to fall over and die of a heart attack! The girls learned to walk like a model, slide down a wall like a model, and crawl across the floor like a model.
Very hard core.

The funniest part of the whole lesson was the animosity that Bianca (who isn't very good) had against Heather (who is a natural). I have to admit I thought Heather looked like a total retard when she was crawling but Tyra was all like, "work it Heather"!

They find out that there will be no shoot this week. It's all about applying what they learned to being vampire sluts in Enrique Iglesias' new video.

They all arrive at the shoot and Enrique and the director look at all the girls and choose one to be featured in the video. They pick that skanky Lisa...and much to the dismay of the other girls also choose to guessed it...HEATHER! The girls were bitter but I think they understood that Heather really did look the part of a vampire that evening.

They all do their little parts and Lisa and Heather do their longer parts and everything is cool... until it's not. Heather gets over heated and under fed and passes out at the shoot. She looked like a damned Zombie. It was nasty. The other girls were horrified but Bianca thought it was funny.

At panel, the judges were surprised at how well most of the girls did. That's just some though. They pretty much ripped into Chantal, Jenah, Sarah, and Ambreal for not applying what they learned. Well, actually, they ripped into Sarah because she was loosing too much weight to be a plus sized model...and not loosing enough to be a regular one.

In the end it was Sarah who got the boot. It's a shame because I really liked her.

Tired Of Being Sorry

Featured Performers

Lisa and Heather

They both rocked....even Lisa (I really don't like her).

Most Underestimated Performers

Saliesha and Sarah

I thought they were really good in the video. They just didn't stand out! I think they deserved more kudos than they got.

What Was She Thinking?


Ambreal shimmied down that pipe like a damned hooker! Nasty! When she licked her lips I almost barfed!!!

Annoying Bitch of the Week


Even though she was annoying, I thought Bianca really made this episode of ANTM! She may be a bitch but she's consistent with it which I respect.