Friday, July 27, 2007

Just for old times sake...

Remember my obsession with Nikki Grahame (star of BB7 UK and Princess Nikki)? Well just for old times sake I decided to google her to see what was up! I found that she is still quite the little celebrity over there and here are a few clips of her:

Nikki tries to win money for charity:

Nikki's Domino's ad:

Nikki on The Weakest Link:

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Few things in this life give me greater pleasure than Leslie Grossman as Mary Cherry on the long lost WB series POPULAR. I think she is just brilliant. To pass a little time (while I get caught up on Big Brother 8) I decided to do a little tribute to the glorious Mary Cherry! Here are some of my favorite Cherry Moments:

I hope you enjoy!


Mary meets her long lost twin sister!

Mary "Annie" Cherry

Mary meets her Daddy

Teen Tart

Much like American Idol

I Know What You Did Last Spring Break

Mary Cherry gets stalked


Mary Cherry looses her funds!