Saturday, September 30, 2006

Remember When...
pt 1

remember when America was all about stuff like this...

...yeah, me too...we suck now...

I guess that's my big political statement of the month...

Friday, September 29, 2006

Survivor: Cook Islands
Bye Bye Bitch!!! pt 3

Cecilia was voted off the islands in a vote of 5 to 3. She was the perfect hostess when the new tribes were established but she didn't have enough pull when it came down to the votes. What an odd show this was!

We started off with all tribes on the beach. Jeff Probst had them all drop their buffs and separated them boys against girls. After a way too complicated selection process we were left with 2 tribes. Raro and Aitu were the surviving names and now we can play the game again.


Adam, Brad, Cristina, Jenny, JP, Nathan, Pavarti, Rebecca and Stephanie
I did notice that the "Queen of Cook Islands" (Brad) made sure to get JP and Adam on his team. I think he has a thing for JP!

I felt sorry for my girl Stephanie...she was the very last person picked to be on a tribe. I still say watch out for her! She could go really far. Did anyone notice Jeff Probst called Pavarti "Poverty" last night? She is totally turning out to be a big ole "Amber". As Marcellas from BB would say, "Amber Alert!"


Becky, Candice, Cao Boi, Cecilia, Jessica, Jonathan, Ozzy, Sundra, Yul
What a hot, stinking mess this tribe is! All the devious players are here. Jonathan and Yul immediately gravitated towards each other. Cao Boi and Jessica will end up hugging trees and complaining about the evils of the world. Ozzy better watch out! He's not the most devious any more. Yul and Jonathan will definitely pick up on his bull shit quickly.

What was up with Yul telling his gal pal Becky about his finding the immunity idol on exile island? I think she is trustworthy but I don't think it was a smart move.

The big challenge was the annoying endurance competition where they each carry a 15 pound bag in a circle through the water. As people drop out they shift their weight to one of the remaining players. At one point all the women in Aitu dropped off and handed their bags to the men. It wasn't long before the other tribe caught up with them and tackled Cao Boi. This gave Raro immunity and the ability to send a member of Aitu to Exile Island. It basically means they can choose a weak player from the Aitu team to stay in the game. They sent Candice.

Aitu was split between sending my favorite "amber" Becky or the really sweet Cecilia home. Yul and Jonathan bullied Cao Boi and Jessica into voting off Cecilia and she went home. I thought Tribal Council was hilarious! What exactly was Jessica talking about when Jeff asked her a question??? I think she must have eaten too much dirt.

Becky looked like she was marching to war when they showed up! Now Ozzy is the only member of the original Aitu left on his side. He better play the swing vote card quickly or he could go home soon.

At Raro Nathan caught an octopus for dinner. Does anyone even know how to cook an octopus!?!? Whatever Nathan. The girls are getting annoyed because the boys do no work around the camp site. That is what happens when the young pretty boys all end up on the same tribe!

more as I know...

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Princess Nikki ep4

Seems like the only thing in Nikki's future is poo! The Princess of Poo finally lets the film crew have it in this episode. Is all this work changing her at all??? Click below to see!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bye Bye Bitch!!! pt 2

Unfortunately Megan was eliminated from ANTM this evening. I think it was a bad mistake but that is the redhead curse for you! Jaeda should have gone home. Actually Monique NEEDED to go home. Sigh. Oh well. At least most of my favorites are still there.

This week we had our Model Make overs!!! That is always my favorite part because they make the girls really beautiful. This year the girls were real bitches! What is up with that? I was very disappointed in AJ. I didn't think she was that way. I don't know if I will be able to get over her little hissy fit. All she had to do was get her hair lightened so she wouldn't look like the chick from Ghost World anymore! Whatever. Poor Anchal had to have her hairline plucked out to give her a real forehead! She never complained once.

The girls got to meet Queen Lahtifa who just started her own cosmetic collection at Cover Girl. She got to pick the winner of this weeks challenge. The basic gist of the competition was that they had to pick out a make up pallet, gown and shoes very quickly and then explain to Queen why their look represented her line of cosmetics the best. Eugena won (I thought her skin looked awful) and took Jaeda and Caridee with her to a special photo shoot for Cover Girl's website.

The photo shoot was a head shot of each model in fantastical "hair war" wigs! It was very fun! In the end it came down to Megan and Jaeda as the worst photos and Megan was sent home. Pure tragedy.

As usual Tyra looked fabulous!



America loves Anchal! I do too. She was the one who finally stood up to Monique's diva behavior.


This is the second week in a row I have chosen Michelle. I think she really has something special...that is a shock because I was sure I was going to hate her!



Amanda took the judges advice and calmed the Hell down. She was almost my photo of the week winner. I am shocked that I am rooting for the twins! What is going on!?!



I wish I could say this was a hard decision but it wasn't. From hogging the phone to throwing fits at her make over, Monique has proven to her roommates and America that she is the most annoying bitch around.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

5 TV Shows You Should Give A Chance
(if you haven't already)


Grey's Anatomy was a mid season replacement in 2004. Thankfully for us it has been an ABC hit ever since. It was created by Shonda Rhimes and she is one of the first African-American women to create a hit show on a major network. It follows the lives of a group of interns in a Seattle hospital (Seattle Grace). This show is witty and heartbreaking at the same time. I am so a crack addict for Grey's Anatomy! My favorite characters are Dr. Bailey, Christina, Izzy and Dr Torres. Visit the official site here. Itunes episodes available in TV section.


Lost...uh...there is absolutely nothing I can tell you about this show without giving away a bunch of stuff you don't want to know yet! WATCH THIS SHOW! You definitely have to go buy or rent the first two seasons to appreciate the complexity of the show. It is basically the story of a group of strangers stranded on a remote island after a plane crash. The mystery is the island and the pasts of the characters. Nothing is what it seems.
Official site is here. Itunes episodes available in TV section.


Heroes is a new show this fall on NBC. It premiered this past Monday. I don't have a lot to say about it because it just started, but I can say I was sooo wanting more after the pilot! It is the story of a group of strangers (common theme) who each wake up with some sort of super power. I know it sounds cheezy but I swear it isn't! Give it a shot!
Official site here. Now available on itunes !


You all know how I feel about this show! I won't bore you with another gushing post! Of all the shows Veronica Mars is the one in most danger of being cancelled. Please...PLEASE give it a shot.
Official site is here. Not available on itunes yet!


What happens when a suburban housewife looses her husband and has no real job prospects? Well, in this version of the story she becomes the community weed dealer. I wasn't going to watch this show but I gave it a chance and just loved it. The cast is great and I really think you would enjoy it.
Official website is here. Itunes episodes available in TV section.

if you were ever going to watch something on this blog let this be it

Monday, September 25, 2006

Princess Nikki ep 3

Poor Princess Nikki is forced to work in the waste disposal industry! Despite all her moaning and groaning, I think we should give the poor girl credit...because she just keeps showing up!!!


Friday, September 22, 2006

Survivor: Cook Islands
Bye Bye Bitch!!! pt 2

In a vote of 4 to 1 Billy was voted off the island! Another do-rag wearer has bit the dust on Survivor! It was an interesting episode. Billy was a member of the Aitu tribe. Thank God they (NBC) started abbreviating the tribe names! I felt sort of sorry for him at first...then he started speaking! His tribal council speech was one of the funniest things I have heard in a long while! I think he honestly thought Candice (raro tribe) really had the hots for him!

Puka ended up snagging back the chicken's that Jonathan stole in the last episode. That is justice! Now Puka has 3 chickens and the other tribes have none. Yul (who just might win this game) and Becky (I told you she's an "Amber") have made a secret alliance. I really like this alliance a lot. Cao Boi did another magical headache massage and it worked again. He should watch out though because his humor is starting to rub the rest of the tribe the wrong way. I think I may have judged Jenny too soon. She could end up being a "Tina" type (season 2 winner).

Jonathan made it back to the Raro tribe after totally not finding the secret immunity idol on exile island. He was very annoyed with his tribe because they basically did nothing to improve their camp while he was gone. Little Adam pitched a little hissy fit about Jonathan wanting to make a floor for their shelter. The girls just sort of go with whichever guy wins an argument. Whatever. Jessica is full on aligning herself with Jonathan. I think Jonathan better keep his ducks in a row because he will be voted off if he pisses his lazy tribe mates off to much.

The Hiki tribe is just a big hot mess! God love 'em. It took them forever to start a fire! They suck at challenges! It's just like watching a train wreak!

The immunity challenge was complicated (as usual). Aitu decided they were going to throw the competition so they could loose their "dead weight" Billy. This was mostly Ozzy's doing. He hated the fact that Billy was lazy around the camp. He is somehow starting to emerge as a leader in this tribe. I don't get it at all! Well, Aitu definitely threw the competition and what was so sad about it was Hiki still almost lost! That is how bad they suck at the competitions!

It was really obvious to everyone that Aitu threw it...including Billy. Was this a smart move? I don't think so, but you never know. In the end Raro and Puka tied for the win!

Aitu sent Yul to exile island. Yul found the immunity idol and I doubt he will tell anyone about it. Well, maybe Becky. They say their bond is because they are both Korean. I think they like each other! When talking about the secret idol he said, "If there's a clear opportunity where I could change the game, I'd use it."

Tribal council was predictable...except for one thing: I noticed that when it came to busting Billy on being lazy Ozzy kept his mouth shut! He let J.P. do all the ranting. Wh-wh-what!?!?
I have to give it to Ozzy...that was a smart move. It made J.P. seem like the asshole. I fear that Christina may be next if she doesn't start playing nice with Ozzy. He definitely dislikes her.

I guess we will see what happens next week!

more as I know...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Princess Nikki

My wonderful little Princess is at it again! This time she signed on to work as a farm hand!

America's Next Top Model:
Bye Bye Bitch!!! pt 1

I was pretty happy with the first night of America's Next Top Model. We got to see the 30 something semi finalists arrive in LA to meet a fabulous Ms J dressed as a flight attendant. They immediately had a photo shoot. Eventually the 30 something got narrowed down to 20, and then in the end to 13. Last night we got to see the first finalist eliminated! YAY! The first photo shoot was the "most controversial " the show had ever done. Each girl was given a model stereo type to portray. Tyra wanna-be Christian was eliminated after a not so good photo. She was supposed to be portraying a model stereo type "model turned actress".

I have already introduced you to the models and I picked my favorites before I knew anything. I would like to take this time to revise my choices. My favorites are:


She really favors Pink in my opinion. She was the least annoying girl...she's a little rough around the edges but I really like her a lot. I hope she makes it to the final four!


She survived the first cut and that is good for a red head. I really liked her a lot. I think she could go far in the competition. I wonder what her makeover is going to be???


Michelle is one of the twins, the other is Amanda. I honestly disliked both of them at first. Michelle's laid back attitude really won me over. I think that Amanda wants the modeling thing more -- but that stresses her out and it shows on film. Michelle is just having fun and it shows.


I don't know why I like Brooke, but I do! She is very enthusiastic and fun to watch. She could be one of those that suddenly gets really good in the middle of the series.


I adore Anchal but I am afraid she's gonna ride the "I don't think I'm pretty" train all the way out the door. She's got to give up the crying and start working it out! I'm still rooting for her though.


I'm impressed. Michelle worked it in this shoot. It is disturbing but also really beautiful. Hands down my favorite photo of the week.


Meg is supposed to be the rock and roll chick of the season. I just don't get it. AJ more than fills that part! Screw Meg! She needs to go home soon!


She poured water all over another girls bed so that she could take it. She refuses to compromise on her hour long shower routine. If she rocked I would accept her behavior. I'm really surprised that she wasn't eliminated this week.

more next week...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What the Hell!?!?

This is seriously the weirdest thing I have seen in a while...

Dolly Parton and BOY GEORGE!?!? I gotta get a copy of this song if they recorded it!

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

America's Next Top Model
cycle: 7

I'm very happy this year because America's Next Top Model is going to premier it's new season on my birthday! Yay! I really love this show. It's just about the most fun show to watch in the fall. It is what it is. I love it.

Super model Tyra Banks created the show to show us what the trials and tribulations are for models in today's world. I guess the point is: It's not all glamorous! For those of you that might not be familiar with the show--allow me to break it down for you.

This is a modeling contest. 10 to 14 young ladies are picked out by Ms Banks and are given the chance to compete. Each week they are given a task to perform (usually thing like learning how to walk--stuff like that). The person who performs the task at the most professional level wins a little happy from Tyra. They usually get to pick one or two people to enjoy the happy too.

The next thing they do is a photo shoot with a guest photographer. This is the really important part. They have to have good shots. At the end of the week they stand before the judges and sometimes are asked to perform a quick task for them. It usually has something to do with what they learned that week.

The judges then take them one on one and talk about their best shot. This can get really ugly sometimes. After they grill them they (the judges) send them away and choose to loose one of them. They judges are all affiliated with the modeling world. Three of my favorites are Twiggy, Nigel Barker and the runway coach "Ms" J Alexander.

One model is eliminated and the rest go on to do it all over the next week. The winner gets a $100,00.00 contract with Covergirl Cosmetics, a fashion layout in Elle magazine and a contract with Ford Modeling Agency. Not to mention bragging rights.

Here is a sneak peek at this years lovely models:

In rows from top to bottom:
Megan 23, Monique 19
Christian 19, AJ 20, Amanda 18, Michelle 18
Jaeda 18, Melrose 23, Eugena 21, Caridee 21
Megg 18, Brooke 18, Anchal 19
I know nothing about them but my favorite is Anchal who is in the bottom right hand corner. In the second row from the top...are they twins??? By the way, I put my favorites in green.

I predict Megan to go. They always loose the red heads early!

Here are a few of past winners:

Adrienne Curry

The original winner. She was a little white trash but I liked her a lot. She is engaged to Peter Brady now!

Yoanna House

Former fat girl makes it big! She went on to host a fasion show on E! I think.

Eva Pigford

Known as "Eva the Diva". She was hated by the other girls but really the only one with "Star Quality". She was the best one!

Naima Mora

If she didn't talk it would be better. She annoys me. I think she is pretty though.

Nicole Linkletter

The other girls found her annoying but she always took the best shot!

Danielle Mahoney

She wanted to keep the gap in her front teeth and it almost cost her the win. I adore this woman!

I will be talking about this show once a week...most likely on Thursdays.

More as I know!